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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Indians, we should be proud that Obama realized what India is? But
d million dollar?n s dat y Indian students are still not realizing the
potential of India. A big shame being a child to India. vascodegama
came for trade n handed India to british Obama visted in the same way
for trade with india.and in turn Indians are turning as if like britishers
looting our economy from birth n investing the knowledge to other
When there are n number of best universities here,where
americans are cuming here to have their ms why don’t we realize?
srm,amritha,vit,saastra,barath,karunya,bits n many govt oriented
colgs are here.
By spending 4-15lakhsin u.s or any other countries and developing their
economy if we purchase the same ms seat in NRI qota here in indian
universities atleast they would improve standards n infrastructure n
even govt would get benefited as many more universities would come
into place.
India has got unity in diversity. Can we see the same unity in diversity
elsewhere in the world, the biggest democracy. Can we see different
languages ,cultres,castes,religions,races,attires,mode of living different
frm one galli to other,one mandal to other,one distrct to oether
district,one state to other state,can we see greenish villages,can we
see heavy traffic,can we see bazars like koti. We can only see ytish or
balkish with cots but not with different attires. Realize dudes n dudeens
We may go there ,we may have ambition that im crossing boarder
but after my masters il come back to my own country, but how many
Indians are back 98%addicts to the environ there .our Indian teachers
has taught us and we r using our talent n our money to develop other
countries’ economies.
If we think logically we are beating the womb of our mother India,
its better to earn 500 rs here mn live in a hut then earning high and
staying elsewhere.
I hope we ppl are acting as if like terrorists ,terrorists collapses
livelihood by putting bombs but we are acting terrorist by looting our
I hope u.s universities or their jobs r nothing but they are using Indians
as if like cheap labour, what u.s has done to aradio tags,how
was indian ambasidor treated at airport,how was sharukh treated just
becoz of having khan, how was external minster treated, shame to us.
Please my request to today Indians are rich but india is poor .it is
not only becoz of politicians even we are responsible. we the roots
n leaves are politicians today we are spoiling our country by going
to other countries if the roots(students) of a tree are well in turn
leaves(politicians) will be well n even the fruit(Indian economy) that is
out will also be the best 1.
We are behaving as if like terrorist using Indian money Indian culture
and developing other it apt? Think for a while getting a
master degree and living in ac bungalow with hand ful of us dollars
is not we have born .can we get a mental satisfaction by living in
u.s thinking that ur in india.we are dependent ova there,but we are
independent here. earn 5 rs on indian soil then earing 500dollars. Good
are bad lets take an initiative. if we do something to our country it will
do some thing to us. this is my message not only to the students who are
opting to go abroad but also for the ppl who are in abroad come back..
lets develop our country safeguard it so that it would help rest of the


Dr T P Sasikumar said...

Create ACTION .. no statistics / data and plans are good.
Many play with this..
we shall have to move fast.
god bless us..

Colours of Life...! said...

nice one...