The Poverty in India- Shocking Facts

Saturday, December 25, 2010

The United Nations Development Program had formulated a new
measure for measuring Poverty as Multi Dimensional Poverty Index
and studied various countries worldwide. A shocking result of the study was that
the acute Poverty prevails in the eight Indian states which include Uttar
Pradesh, Bihar and West Bengal. These Indian states had more Poor people
than from the 26 African nations fully combines.

This New Multi
Dimensional Poverty Index was formulated and applied by the Oxford
Poverty and Human Development Program with the help of UNDP. This
measure had looked into various extends of Poverty at various levels ie
from household to regional, from national to international level.

are almost 421 million people in eight Indian states named Chattisgarh,
Jharkhand, MP, Orissa, Rajasthan, UP and West Bengal and Bihar which is greater
than the 410 million people in the twenty six African countries combined. The
Multi Dimensional Poverty Index has formulated a number of critical
factors or we can say deprivations at the household level from education to
health outcomes to
assets and services.

Shocking Findings

1. From the
total number of World's Poor people, 1/3rd is from India.

2. India
when compared to African nations have more population of people living with less
than 2$ per day. Almost 75 percent or 828 million people of the population is
living on less than 2$ a day.

3. Almost 33% of the total World
Poor population are Indians which can be equals to 14 billion people. The
sub-Saharan Africa which is considered as the world's Poor region is
better than Indian States.

4. Almost 42 percent of the rural population
in our country lives with a per-capita income of Rs 447 monthly. As they spend
only Rs 447 for essential necessities like food, clothing, fuel and electricity.
Nagaland, Delhi and Jammu Kashmir have the least number of Poor in our

From our time of Independence onwards the Indian government and various NGO's (Non Governmental
Organizations) have implemented various programs for the alleviation of
Poverty in our country which includes subsidizing food and other
essential things, improved agricultural techniques, increased access to loans,
Promotion of education, family planning, improving health sector etc but the
above mentioned facts are to be considered and we have to find new solutions for
the alleviation of absolute and acute Poverty.